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Cheap Band Patches: 4 Ways We Keep Prices Low Without Compromising Quality

Selection of cheap band patches in an organized mess

Cheap band patches are a big part of our business, but at the heart of our mission is affordability without sacrificing quality. We know that music fans want to represent their favorite bands and artists, but they don’t want to break the bank to do so. That’s why we have developed a system that allows us to keep our prices low without compromising the quality of our band patches.

Selection of cheap band patches
Cheap band patch assorti

How much do band patches usually cost?

Patches can be found in many different price-points, and it’s important to be informed about where you shop. Here at Savage Looks regular patches range between €1, and €8, but most are around €3. With the average price overall being around €5!

If you’ve ever made a battle jacket, you know it can take quite a few patches to fill. Those few euros difference can really add up when buying multiple patches. But that price difference can also make you distrustfull, and we understand those feelings! So let’s get into the how and why we are able to offer our collection of cheap band patches for the prices that we do.

1. We buy in bulk

This one might seem obvious, but we are able to buy in bulk. Since we sell both online and on festivals, we go through big amounts of patches. And with most suppliers: the more you buy, the cheaper it gets! Which creates a nice cycle of being able to buy more etc etc.

Another reason why we move so much product is because we ship worldwide. Something we’ve noticed is that most merchandise is being made and sold in Europe/the EU. And most of those shops don’t ship outside of that region. The shops that are from, let’s say, America ask absurd prices, and have a much smaller collection.

2. We make deals

Where the “regular” distributors have pretty set prices, we always make an effort to go above and beyond. We especially love talking to bands directly to see if we can buy from them, or even collaborate by having patches (and other merch) created for them. And this is where the magic happens! We often want to order quite a few extra, making the production costs very doable for the bands, and super interesting for us. As an added extra, we have official and exclusive merch! And that’s not limited to cheap band patches.

Part of why this works is because we work closely together with a few manufacturers who have proven to deliver incredible quality for good prices. Even if it comes to small quantities. Especially with embroidered patches.

3. We take risks

It might feel a bit counter-intuitive that our risks make it so that we can offer cheap band patches. But because we work closely together with bands and manufacturers, we are often able to take risks without putting a lot at stake. A small band that wants patches made? Sure, we’ll order some for ourselves, even if we’ve never heard of them. A new name available at a distributor? Count us in! Patches that’ll be discontinued? We’ll take it all!

This creates a unique collection of patches, with patches that aren’t sold anymore, exclusive patches that only we and the band sell, or just the fact that we offer items that others are too scared to try. It obviously leaves us with dead stock every once in a while, but it’s worth the risk to be able to offer cheap band patches like we do!

4. We pay close attention to the demand

With eyes and ears at festivals and online, we are able to anticipate what band patches are looked for the most. And we try to jump on those trends as soon as possible. Does this make us a bit of a sell-out? It sure does. And we don’t care. We don’t only cater to the masses, we also have some increadible underground names that’ll make even the most die-hard elitist happy. And with our prices, we make sure that it’s available to everyone

Hungry to shop our collection of cheap band patches?

Go check them out in our store! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for vintage rock band patches, or newest metal band patches for jackets. We have got you covered! And there’s a lot more in our store than “just” sew on band patches.

Are custom band patches available?

Not at Savage Looks. However, if you are looking for cheap custom patches for your band or project, we highly suggest you go to WOTIK merchandise . They are one of the manufacturers we work with, and highly suggest contacting them! Please note that this is only for official merchandise for bands. They don’t accept requests for bootleg patches

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