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Customer story 1: An alternative way of using mini patches

I bought several mini patches from your website in different orders, maybe a good dozen, to use them not for me, but for a rather fun and cute DIY project.

I’m someone who loves stuffed animals, absolutely, they are one of my favorite things ever and I have a lot of them at home as I love to collect them, and at some time, I thought my teddy bears deserved to be cool too and have little battle jackets as well, just like their mama does, and the size of your mini patches is actually perfect for these fun projects.

I did some research and have been able to find miniature jean jackets, originally made for Blythe and Ken dolls, I ordered some of your mini patches, and then I got to work.

It was absolutely worth it, I had nothing but compliments about how cute and cool my teddy bears looked with their little battle jackets, everyone from friends to strangers on the Internet approved of my metalhead teddy bears. I also surprised someone with a battle jacket for their childhood teddy bear as well. So thank you so much for having such a good selection of mini patches on your website.

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