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Buy your Feuerschwanz merch at Savage looks!

What can you buy at Savage Looks?


Sometimes all you want is a small item that still shows your love and dedication for a band. This is where patches come in. And at Savage Looks you can find some exclusive designs from this amazing German folk metal band. Especially the logo patch is something we absolutely adore! With it’s high shine golden stitches it is guaranteed to be an eyecatcher. Not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, we have more options.


Band shirts have to be one of the most common items found at a metalhead’s home. Not only are you able to show what band you like, it’s also usefull. I mean, everyone needs shirts right? With this Feuerschwanz shirt everyone knows what’s up! Not only will you be sporting this badass dwarf/Zwerg, but you’ll be reminded of the amazing song kampfzwerg whenever you look at your shirt.

Don’t know the song yet? You naughty one! Quick check it out here and you wont have to worry about not knowing what it is that you are wearing. But we’ll just assume you know the song by heart? Or, you know, that you just like the band. Who cares what you do or don’t know.

Looking for something else?

If a Feuerschwanz patch or shirt just doesn’t do the trick for you, we’d like to hear what you are looking for! We pride ourselves in our huge collection of metal merchandise, but no matter what, we will always need suggestions from other people. So any tips are always welcome.