For the gents, the guys, the tomboys, the girls who prefer mens’ shirts, and those who just want to wear whatever they want to wear.

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Showing 1–24 of 1800 results

Men's clothing

While technically made for men, most items can be seen as unisex. It is no secret that the metal word caters to men more than it does to women, so it is not unusual to see women in mens shirts and rocking it. We have come a long way from just being able to buy a mens shirt in L or XL. It is no longer just a way to showcase your love for an artist or band, it is also a fashion statement and it's meant to look good on you.


We don't just buy from one supplier, this also means that the fit of each shirt can vary. For each individual product we have specified what fit you can expect (for example an American or a European size, maybe even oversized). For those who don't know: American sizes (like Gildan) tend to run slightly bigger than European sizes (like Fruit of the loom). All of this to make your shopping experience at Savage Looks as smooth and good as possible.

When does Savage Looks get new items?

There is no exact answer to this question. But multiple times a year we get new shipments that almost always contain new items.