Mini patches

Looking for a patch, but running out of space? Or just looking to fill some holes? Go get yourself a mini patch! These are a great way to use up every bit of space you’ve got.

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Showing 1–24 of 106 results

Get creative with mini patches

What is a mini patch?

As the name suggests, a mini band patch is like a regular patch, only it's a small patch. Ideal for projects where space is limited. It will add small details giving you a completely custom look with limited effort.

What is the difference between a mini patch and a regular patch?

Mini patches are smaller in size than regular patches, making them amazing for smaller areas or for more precise application layouts, giving you greater control over the details in your project. They are not easier to apply than regular patches, maybe a bit faster to sew on due to the size of them.

What are some common applications for mini patches?

There are many possible ways to use mini band patches, to name a few:

Mini patches are the perfect way to express your favourite bands while saving precious space on your battlejacket, and add a unique touch to your clothing. Whether you’re looking for a fun design to add to your favorite jacket or a subtle statement to make on your dress, our mini patches are sure to make a statement.

Want to start a battlejacket for a child? Those little fuckers don't even have a lot of room to begin with! A regular band patch would look like a backpatch. Get some mini patches for them and it will actually somewhat feel like a normal battlejacket.

Got a (boring and) plain backpack? Get yourself a safety pin or a needle and threat. BOOM! Now you got yourself a backpack that fits your aesthetic and showcases your favourite bands. Especially great for moments in life where you can't wear your battlejacket.

Our selection of mini patches come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can find the perfect design to fit your style. So, get creative and show off your style with our mini patch designs!

How is a mini patch applied?

A mini patch is applied by sewing it on, or using something stabby (like a safety pin, or a metal pin badge) and attach it to the garment of your choice that way. We always recommend to sew patches on, either by hand or machine. Even if a patch has an iron on backing, we don't think its a good idea, in any case.

How long does a mini patch last?

Probably somewhere around a lifetime. Since almost all of them are embroidered mini patches, they can withstand a lot. The colors won't fade easily, and if you're wondering “are mini patches waterproof?”, yes. So if the item they are attached to needs to be washed for whatever reason, you don't have to worry about ruining your mini patches. Going through the rain with your battlejacket, hat or customized bags? It'll be annoying, but at least you don't have to think about the patches.

How can I remove a mini patch?

Removing a mini patch is easy! All you need is something to cut the thread with. Just make sure you are doing it gently so you don't cut or slice right through the patch or the garment. A small pair of scissors will be more than enough to get the job done.