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This Spiritbox patch is the perfect way to show your pride for the Spiritbox brand and express yourself in a unique and stylish way! Crafted with the highest quality material, this patchis sure to steal the show. With vibrant, glittery colors and an intricate design, you’ll love the way this patch looks on your favorite gear. Show off your spirit and get your Spiritbox patch today!

This high quality spiritbox logo patch is embroidered with amazing glittery thread as the base design for the white logo, and a black border. By combining these colors, you’ll be able to create something unique and eye-catching. The backing is made from a durable canvas material which ensures this patch will stay in great shape for a long time. These bad boys are made to last!

How do I apply a spiritbox patch?

Applying a spiritbox patch is just like applying any other band patch. Get a needle and thread and go to town! Attaching a patch will give you instant customization. And don’t even think about ironing them on! The only time any heat tool like that should touch them is to even them out.

What makes the spiritbox logo patch different from other patches?

The Spiritbox Patch stands out from the crowd with its unique color scheme. While white and blue in itself isn’t groundbreaking, the fact that the blue thread used is super shiny/glittery makes this just amazing! And great news, this won’t affect the durability of this patch of this Canadian metal band

Curious about the other Spiritbox merch we have in our shop? Check out the spiritbox archives on our website, and it’ll give you a complete overview. Official Spiritbox merchandise tends to be very limited, but we will always try to get our hands on amazing metal merch.

Where can I purchase a spiritbox patch?

You can buy a spiritbox patch right here on our website! Our spiritbox are super affordable and easy to apply. And don’t forget to check out our other patches and general awesome merch!

Don’t wait to get your Spiritbox band patch! Get yours now and as a badge of honour!

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