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This The Hu patch is simple and straightforward with it’s design. With a nicely detailed logo on black fabric it’s not too in your face. And the moderate size will help you find a spot on your battle jacket. Patches like this also make perfect gifts for fellow fans!

What material is the Hu logo patch made of?

The Hu logo patch is made of a high quality black cotton blend fabric with polyester embroidery thread. This combination gives you a great contrast, making the logo visible from far away, and makes sure the patch is made to last. If you’re looking for a white woven patch with more artwork you can check it out here!

Does the Hu logo patch come with a backing adhesive?

Nope. Thankfully this patch does not have the horrible adhesive/iron on backing. In order to apply it, you’re stuck with needle and thread (or anything that’ll help you pierce the fabric and hold it in place)

Is this the Hu logo patch machine washable?

Technically, sure. But we don’t recommend doing this very often as it can warp the shape of the patch a bit.

Where can I buy a Hu logo patch?

You can purchase a the Hu logo patch from our Savage Looks store! Our patches are made with high-quality materials, so you can be sure that your patch will last for a long time. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect patch to suit your unique taste. Shop now for your Hu logo patch and other metal merchandise like tshirts and textile posters and create the perfect look! And as always, you’ll find great prices, safe payments and international shipping multiple times a week from the Netherlands and Germany here at Savage Looks

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