Shipping policy

Table of content

  • Dutch orders
  • German orders
  • International orders
  • PostNL
  • Deutsche Post
  • The differences
  • Order has not arrived
  • Shipping delays when festivals are happening
  • Returns (link)

Dutch orders

We are a Dutch company, despite the entire site being in English. So especially Dutch orders we will try to ship on the same day. There is still a picking time of 1-4 workdays, because it is simply not always possible to ship on the same day. Only with track and trace we promise to re-send your order if it hasn’t arrived. If you want a track and trace, we do recommend going for a pakket, instead of brievenbuspakje. Brievenbuspakjes are still going with the regular mail, and the mailmen do not have the equipment to scan your parcel when they are delivering it. So it will be scanned and marked as delivered when they leave the depot. This makes the track and trace fairly unreliable.

German orders

German orders are an exeption in the way we ship orders. Since we live near the German border, we will visit Germany at least once a week (Fridays) to ship the smaller untraced orders. This can be more often, but that is not something we promise. If a Friday is a holiday, we will most likely forget, mark your order as shipped and end up at a closed door in Germany. But we’ll go back as soon as possible to ship the orders. We just aren’t used to shops being closed anymore, so sorry in advance.

Orders that are bigger and would need to be shipped as a Päkchen/Paket, or are with the track and trace option, will be shipped with the rest of the international shipments using the Deutsch Post option.

International shipments

We ship worldwide. To literally any country. But international orders are the most prone to delays. If you are not from the EU, we will add everything we can to make the customs process as smooth as possible. We won’t however change the value of your order so you’ll have to pay less tax when your parcel enters your country. Our shipping policy is DAP (delivered at place). This basically means that we will make sure your parcel is delivered at the adress you gave us while ordering, but any additional costs for importing items to your country, are for you. We take great pride in doing everything legally. To get an idea of the shipping costs, check here:

These are just indications, as actualy product weight can differ slightly and there is always some added weight for the shipping boxes etc.

Transit times in EU are generally between 2 an 10 workdays
Outside the EU between 5 and 20 workdays
Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Israel between 10 and 55 workdays


Orders that are using PostNL as their shipping courier will be shipped as soon as possible. We do use a picking time of 1-4 workdays, longer for items that are on backorder. PostNL is our fasted shipping option, and we only offer traced shipping when using this courier. When using PostNL, orders are shipped directly from the Netherlands, and your track and trace will be active within 24 hours after receiving an e-mail saying that your order has been shipped.

Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is our budget shipping option. You can choose between traced shipping or untraced shipping in most cases. Please note that we can’t see where your parcel is when choosing untraced shipping, and we do not promise to re-ship your order if it doesn’t arrive when there is no track and trace.

Orders using Deutsche Post as their shipping courier are shipped a few times a week. This shipping option uses a weird construction that will cause quite a delay in when your track and trace will be activated. As shipping from Germany is a lot cheaper, we use a company that will relay the orders to Germany to be shipped from there. But it takes at least 2 days before orders arrive in Germany, and thus also at least 2 days before your track and trace will be active.

We ship your order to Breda, Breda ships your order to Germany, and from Germany your order will be shipped to your home. Despite the extra steps, this is still cheaper than shipping from the Netherlands directly. But we do have to combine a certain amount of shipments in order to keep it at a cheap price. At this moment (May 9th ’22) we ship 2 times a week, but we also expect to increase this very soon

What are the differences?

PostNL is generally the faster shipping option, but also the more expensive one. In our experience, Deutsche Post, despite slower and cheaper, is the most reliable shipping option. About 90-95% of our shipments are done through Deutsche Post, and we rarely get an e-mail saying that an order has not arrived. And despite using PostNL a lot less often, we do get more e-mails about orders not arriving.

The biggest downside of Deutsche Post is the weight limitation. Orders that are over 2kg can not be shipped with them.

My order has not arrived

If your order has not arrived in the estimated timeframe, please send us an e-mail. We will contact the shipping courier that is used for your order. They can start an investigation as to where your parcel could be. Please note that this can only be done if you choose shipping with track and trace. Without a track and trace code, there can not be an investigation.

If you used PostNL, please note that you should contact us within 30 days after you placed your order in order to start an investigation.

Shipping delays during festival season

We are a festival company. This means that a big chunk of our merch is in our van, or at a festival as soon as festivals are starting up. From May till October is our high season. During this time there is a fairly big chance that (expecially shirts, hoodies etc) are stuck for a while. Or maybe even sold. We try to keep everything up to date, but our systems are not foolproof. If something you ordered is not in our home stock, we will send you an e-mail with your options.